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Through the application of the ancient Chinese art of QiGong (pronounced Chi Gung), Chris Burgess can effectively relieve the symptoms of common ailments such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), claustrophobia, Bulimia and other eating disorders, fear of flying and other common fears and phobias, as well as stress and depression.
Qi Gong can also be used to treat the effects of physical pain, arthritis and back pain.

Chris Burgess

Chris will teach you the key techniques of Qi Gong personally, in a group, or if you prefer, you can learn from Chris's DVD 'An Introduction to QiGong'.

QiGong, and the techniques Chris Burgess teaches will help to alleviate the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Physical pain, Back Pain, Depression, Eating Disorders, Fear of Flying, and all other fears and phobias.

QiGong does not involve hypnosis; the techniques are designed to promote a relaxed and meditative state, which will allow you to control breathing and stress levels.



THEE SOURCE is committed to the following ideals:

  • Providing pragmatic and effective stress reducing solutions
  • Being totally client and results focused
  • Creating constructive and positive individual solutions to stress related problems
  • Promoting and providing the individual with specific tools for self development wellbeing and success


Thee Source will address the issues affecting your life and well-being, and through the use the the Qi Gong, Chris Burgess will show you how to manage common conditions such as fears, phobia and physical pain.

QiGong is a formulated set of movements co-ordinated with the breath, which induces and guides the vital energy 'Qi' through and around the body. QiGong has been around for approximately 7000 years, and was originally devised by Daoist Monks because of their sedentary lives and extensive meditations.

The nearest interpretation of the word 'QiGong' in broad terms is:
QI = Energy (this is depicted by the Chinese symbol for steam), and
GONG = Work.
So, placed together, the word QiGong means 'working with energy'.

Thee Source

THEE SOURCE is an approach created from the desire to equip people with a range of skills to help them become more effective both in their personal life and in business.

The sole purpose of THEE SOURCE is to awaken the innate natural ability and power for you as an individual to achieve your MAXIMUM HAPPINESS and well being.

The theme is the power of 'Thee', all energy and EMOTIONAL WELLBEING is in your hands, we return this to you now in real time.

THEE SOURCE approach was created from many years of studying people and helping them remove their problems physical, psychological and spiritual.

To achieve this we focus firmly on the individual clients and their needs, one size does not fit all. The need of the client is analysed and the appropriate method most suited to them is communicated to them; their current problems physical, emotional and spiritual are removed now, not tomorrow, now.

The stress reduction work is designed to meet your specific needs and requirements and has been proven to be significant in the promotion of personal and business wellbeing for organisations, teams and individuals.

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