Corporate Training

Chris Burgess

"Working in a stressful environment is like working in the midst of a fog - it slows everything down"
Chris Burgess

Stress Management

When I'm called in to look at the reasons businesses, organisations and even individuals are under performing, the one thing glaringly obvious to me is the level of stress.

More so than ever as we journey through the current economic gloom, stress remains close to the top of the list. If anything, as pressures mount and grow, stress in the workplace - and the boardroom - is taking its toll. It's getting worse to be honest.

So is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Of course there is, with proper training and advice stress can be eliminated. That simple factor then increases the potential of directors, managers and any workplace individual to deliver a better performance.

Of course not many of us, perhaps understandably, want to admit our stress levels are high. So let's approach it from a different angle - helping everyone at work to release high levels of energy, either company wide or for individual employees who need a bit of a lift.

Over many years working hands-on with industry I've developed a range of unique methods to tackle these problems. It means I can help you to achieve your personal and business success, whether you are a sole trader or employ hundreds of people. I will show you how to release your true potential and eliminate your personal and business problems.

I have helped business executives and their staff to optimise their energy levels and achieve their personal and business successes.

I have founded, developed and managed a number of successful businesses over the past 40-plus years. For many years I have worked across a broad business spectrum providing strategic planning, change management and business development. I am an Assessor for EFQM European Federation of Quality Management and PQUASSO for not for profit and the voluntary sector of business.

I've produced papers for Local Authorities the European Secretariat, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Universities on business development and business communication matters. I've worked with The Princes Trust, The Shaw Trust, LA Film productions, International Passport Office, SOG, SCA, ADA, and numerous small businesses.

As I said earlier, through all this I constantly found the underlying problem was the number of people involved in organisations with high levels of stress, holding them back as individuals and affecting the performance of their companies as a whole.

I am happy to arrange one-to-one sessions in complete confidence, off site if that is preferred. I am also happy to organise workshops, bespoken for managerial level staff, middle managers and shop floor or office-floor staff. Together we can lift that fog and the benefits are there to see. Working in a stressful environment is like working in the midst of a fog; It slows everything down.

Ring me on my personal mobile 01780 469 184 for a totally confidential chat.